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Crystal Black Revo K101 Plus Emulator Game Handheld

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About the product

  • Crystal clear black case
  • Games: Full compatibility with normal hardware GBA games and ROMs. Built-in emulator for FC, GB, GBC, SMS, GG games
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) functionality
  • TV-out via a 2.5 mm AV cable
  • Cheat support (GBA .CHT files)


  • Charging via mini-USB cable (powered USB and/or optional wall adapter) 
  • Support for standard 3.5 mm headphone jack 
  • In-game menu, allows for soft-resetting back to the main firmware menu 
  • MP3 playback functionality 
  • Text reading functionality 
  • JPG viewer 
  • In-game guide support (ANSI/UTF-8 .TXT) 
  • High-quality LCD with 5 levels of brightness 
  • Built in LCD scaling engine 
  • Front facing speaker 
  • Top mounted AV-out jack, extension port, mini-USB port, and backlight button 
  • microSD/SDHC support (up to 32 GB) 
  • Function shortcut keys (*+L for in-game menu, etc) 
  • Built in interrupt controller for cartridge hot swapping 
  • Game preview picture support (based on internal GameID) 
  • Ability to change the power-on and background images 
  • Multiple language support 
  • Zipped ROM file on-the-fly decompression 


  • Dual Core system - ARM7+ARM9 compatible 
  • CPU - 16.67 MHz 
  • DRAM - 50 MHz 
  • Frame Rate - 60 fps 
  • Graphics - Dedicated GPU hardware circuits 
  • Sound - Dedicated SPU hardware circuits 
  • LCD - AUO TFT 3 inch screen (960x480 max resolution) 
  • Battery - Nokia clone BL-58 3.7v 890mAh Li-ion rechargeable

Package included: 

  • 1 x Crystal Black Revo k101+ 
  • 1 x USB AC Charge 
  • 1 x AV Out Cable