Is the RGB10 MAX the next RK3326-based device in April 2021?

In the last couple of months, we’ve seen our fair share of RK3326-based devices on the retro handheld market. From the RK2020 through the RG351P to the more recent RG351V, these devices are all based on the same RK3326 chip which has received quited some support from the community. We just got the confirmed news that a new handheld model with this chip- the RGB10 MAX  is going to be released in the middle of April. (news sources on Baidu )

The RGB10 MAX looks like an upgraded version of the RGB10 which is itself a landscape-oriented device that uses the RK3326 as CPU. This newer model will also be landscape-oriented while adopting some features akin to the new ODROID-Go Super (OGS); as it is already being termed as an “OGS clone”.

Below are some of the reported specs of this device:

●5-inch OCA IPS screen
●RK3326 chip
●Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth

As for the other specs, we could take an educated guess based on the “OGS clone” moniker. As such, the RGB10 MAX’s 5-inch screen might pack the OGS’ resolution of 854x480 pixels. And the battery might also hold the same capacity of 4000mAh.

From the image circling on the web, the RGB10 MAX seems to have all of its buttons at the top of the device. There’s the power button on the left, a reset button next to it, a WiFi toggle to easily let users activate the feature. We can also see the USB-C charging port, a headphone jack, an OTG port, a microSD slot and a volume rocker on the far right.

Of note, the ODROID-Go Super itself does not have built-in WiFi. This is a bummer as other RK3326 devices like the RG351M and RG351V do have built-in WiFi and it really facilitates file transfers and even enables RetroAchievements. Moreover, it is reportedly not only include WiFi connection in its upcoming RGB10 MAX but also Bluetooth. Built-in Bluetooth is rather unheard of, even for major players like Anbernic and this feature might be an edge for the RGB10 MAX. It could let you pair a controller if you aren’t satisfied with the buttons on the device or it could let you easily play two-player games on the same device.

Unlike the OGS, the analog sticks of the RGB10 MAX are clickable and hence can function as R3/L3 buttons and provide some added functionality when mapping buttons for emulators.

Moreover, if the device is sold at a competitive price, it might make for an interesting alternative to its pricier counterparts. Unfortunately, we don’t have any official news regarding a price point. But the RGB10 Max will be sold in two different colors, namely orange and black.

What do you think of the rumored RGB10 Max from these information? Would you consider purchasing it?

Written by Prans

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