Gameforce Retro Console based on RK3326- is it the new GBA?

Traceback to October, 5th, 2020, it's the first time that Gameforce RK3326 show its face in public. Undoubtedly, it's another RK3326 handheld. What caused the heated discussion is the form factor, I guess something has come into your mind, you're right, it resembles GBA.

Key Specs

It's nothing to worry about the SoC. I mean it should be perfect to handle all games through PSX on Rockchip RK3326. More importantly, most DC or PSP games are playable at full speed. It will be another story if you are a fan of Sega Saturn or PlayStation2. As the same as the other RK3326 handhelds, Gameforce runs based on EmuELEC. More info could be found on YOUTUBE (as like Always be fun and RGhandhelds). Here are some specs if you're into it.

  • CPU: Rockchip RK3326 Quad-Core 1.3 GHz - 1.5 GHz

  • GPU: Mali-G31 MP2

  • RAM: 1 GB DDR3

  • Display: 3.5-inch 4:3 IPS 640×480
  • WiFi: Built-in

  • Input: L1/R2, R1/R2, ABXY, D-pad, Dual analog sticks,

                   Select, Start, Power, Home, 2 Function buttons, Reset

  • Battery: 3000mah
  • Storage: External MicroSD


All buttons are inclusive, from the front face, the device comes with dual stereo speakers, 4 action buttons, d-pad, Select, Start and dual PSV thumbsticks.

There are two additional function buttons on the left side with a lower placement, which may be available for mapping, brings a complete and immersive user experience.

It's worth mentioning there is a Home button below the panel. It differs from others because the Home button usually to be found on Android devices. And go through the back of the machine, the part of where we grab is raised, it may help to catch a better feeling in hand.

Gameforce RK3326The button layout reminds me of its rival, Odroid Go Super. All of them aim at the users who have a rough idea about the SoC or OS. More importantly, all are based on the same price and processor, so we just can't skip over it. Gameforce compares unfavorably with OGS in terms of resolution, battery capacity, or display size. The lack of dedicated volume and brightness control makes it hard to be a perfect console.

Will you buy it?

One thing I am curious about is how long the RK3326 will goes? Will it copy the big success of GBA? We will wait and see. The price may go about $89.99, rumor says the unit is mass-produced and will be available in March, will you buy it?

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