Android Game Console Resembles 3DS Seems Leaked

PC and Android handheld may be the trend of 2021 in the retro gaming community. I'm not being hyperbolic, looking around the market, we have the GPD Win series and the upcoming $199 handheld. Now we heard of another Android game console from Taki Udon. This is a game console features a clamshell form factor. I'm a big fan of clamshell design as the same as 3DS and NDS. It's fairly cute but the render shows the console is plastic with a poor build quality. Featured a laptop looking, it's portable, allows you to play games on the go. 


According to Taki, the screen is close to 5 inches. D-pad sits almost flush to the case in an outer placement. It should be based on a snap dome. If you have ever tried it on Retroid Pocket2, then you know how it is like. Obviously, it isn't bouncy. Also, this device has dual slider pads. To be honest, I'm a fan of thumbsticks which also using as L3 and R3. Face buttons are on the right side. Besides, there are five buttons on the top, we have no idea about what are they used for, rumors say it has extra buttons like Back, Menu, Power and Volume '+-'. The render doesn't show us the triggers, but it does include L1, R1, L2, R2 on the shoulder.


We don't have enough or specific info to know how the console works, what emulations can it run. One thing we make sure it is the console based on the ARM Architecture and Android OS. We predict it should be flawless on running PSP, Dreamcast systems.

Final Words

This console offers another choice in kinds of landscape and portrait game consoles. I'll keep an eye on the device for more updates.

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